I'm setting up Cap'n Pro on my Mac and the install instructions ask me to type the following in terminal:

./configure CXX=$HOME/clang-3.2/bin/clang++

I look in my user folder i.e. ~/./configure but it doesn't exist. Am I doing this right? Where is my ./configure folder? Do I need to create one?

Also, yes I have invisible folders visible.

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The configure script (not directory) is part of the source code archive you should have downloaded (capnproto-c++-X.Y.Z.tar.gz).

When you unpack that archive, change to the toplevel directory (capnproto-X-Y-Z) and run the configure command.

$ cd [to where you downloaded the archive]
$ tar xzf capnproto-c++-X.Y.Z.tar.gz
$ cd capnproto-c++-X.Y.Z
$ ./configure CXX=$HOME/clang-3.2/bin/clang++

Then run the subsequent commands (make and sudo make install) from that same directory.

This is rather generic - most autotool-based builds work exactly like that.

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