In firefox 23.0 they use a new icon that doesn't look so much 'flat' as 'blurred' or 'smudged'. How do I go back to the old one from Firefox 22.0?

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  1. Download the Firefox 22.0 release binary from one of these locations:
  2. Double-click to mount the Firefox 22.0.dmg file.
  3. Copy the icons using Terminal:
    • cd /Volumes/Firefox/Firefox.app/Contents/Resources/
    • cp document.icns firefox.icns /Applications/Firefox.app/Contents/Resources/
  4. Reboot.

Note: If you want to do the copy from Finder, you'll need to right-click on the Firefox.app icon in the mounted dmg file and select "show package contents" then using a separate Finder window do the same thing for /Applications/Firefox.app, then change into Contents/Resources in both windows and copy the files across.

  • On each of the Firefox 22 and Firefox 23 apps, right click and select "Get Info".
  • In each information windows that pops up, unlock the lock at the lower right (click, and enter admin credentials when prompted).
  • In the Firefox 22 information window, click on the small Firefox icon at the upper left and and type Cmd+C.
  • In the Firefox 23 information window, click the small icon at the upper left and and type Cmd+V.
  • Close the information windows; you're done.

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