is there free equivalent to Total Commander for OSX?

  • two panels
  • drag & drop
  • tabs
  • etc ect

I found DoubleCommander the best but OSX port has its bugs. muCommander is nice too but not as good as DoubleCommnader.


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I am satisfied with Forklift. Although it costs $20 after trial period, it is a simple yet powerful replacement of Finder/Total Commander.

What I value the most over other alternatives:

  • Simple and clear UI: power is under the hood
  • Easy switch between 1 or 2 panels (mostly I use only one)
  • Option to setup shortcuts: Enter to open file, backspace to move up
  • Regular Expression for filters
  • Renaming multiple files
  • Sync folder: showing added/deleted/modified files
  • WebDav is much faster then in Finder

See http://www.binarynights.com for all features and screenshot.


TotalFinder became a commercial solution not long ago: the full beta development stage was free and gave me plenty of time to test the software. It's an excellent solution, and I have seen almost every single bug disappear progressively.

Even if not a free solution anymore, its source is available on GitHub. I would recommend it on the grounds that it already works wonderfully well, and definitely deserve some support in my (otherwise freeware-oriented) opinion.

If freeware is yet a compulsory feature for you, Geekosaur's link has a few options.

Edit, 2013-01-07: as mentioned in another answer, XtraFinder looks like TotalFinder, but free.


Try XtraFinder. Is like TotalFinder, but it's free

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Path Finder or TotalFinder, perhaps? (Both are commercial.)


I'm writing an app similar to total commander, Mover - http://themaninhat.com/mover

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You should probably take a look at Disk Order. It was created as a Total Commander equivalent for OS X. http://likemac.ru/english However it's not free either...


DCommander is a good alternative but it is not free. See http://www.devstorm-apps.com/dcommander-mac/ or itunes directly: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/dcommander/id583622672?mt=12


FastCommander supports all file operations. Fast, stable, small, lightweight.

Can be freely downloaded and used - no restrictions, just nag screen.

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