I've had a retina MBP for about a year now. I want to start using it for gaming. I have read that I need to change the Nvidia Panel Settings. Does anyone know specifics on what I should change to optimize gaming performance? thanks

FYI this is for Battlefield 3


Here are my settings for BF3 - I also have a rMBP (15"). You can modify these settings under Manage 3D Settings in the NVIDIA Control Panel:

NVIDIA BF3 Settings

I leave everything else to default, except I also turn off Anisotropic Filtering.

For the above settings to take effect, the following setting must also be set under Adjust Image Settings with Preview:

Use the advanced 3D image settings

Also, don't forget about BF3's settings. I use Realmware BF3 Settings Editor to edit settings out of the game.

BF3 Settings

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