I'm seeking a way to reduce MacBook Air 2013 1.7GHz CPU power consumption -- or any MacBook for that matter -- to save battery life. I want to vary the CPU power consumption variably, so that I can get "full speed" when I want and "better/best power savings" at other times.

Something akin to Linux's cpuspeed command (to reduce CPU clock frequency) would be helpful, but could be anything. Note I'm seeking CPU-only power-consumption tips. Please do not clutter answers with tips for non-CPU things like display brightness, avoiding Adobe Flash, employing different web browsers, etc.

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I think the upcoming Mavericks OS update is supposed to help somewhat. http://www.apple.com/osx/preview/advanced-technologies.html


Have you thought about using Appriority? It allows you to suspend and enable CPU usage as you switch between apps.

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