I've downloaded the free VOX music player from the Mac App Store after reading a recomendation in some site.

The program asks me for permission to acces my iTunes Library but a splash screen hints of some lenghty process is going to happen is I do so.

  • Has someone used VOX, and what does is do to my iTunes Library ?
  • Does it create its own library of sorts ?

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From what I see using Vox, it does not create a library of its own, instead it either access the iTunes Library directly for information.

It should be a read-only access, and you have nothing to worry.

You should note that it's not iTunes integration, so it does not work with iTunes Match to provide tracks that aren't downloaded to your Mac yet.

If you have further concerns, I suggest you contact the developers of Vox directly.


I have not used it, but from what I have read it imports your iTunes library to use as a source. See this thread on MacRumors.

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