We have 14 macs in an office backing up to a 2TB Time Capsule, which sometimes shows delays but generally works. We need more space and while I can upgrade the drive to a 4TB I have a feeling we are working the hardware pretty hard so I'm looking at other options.

We are using the user account based backups on the time capsule; users backups should ideally be encrypted but at the very least need to have file permissions so that users can not see other users' backups. I would also like to have a quota for time machine backup size per user, which I understand isn't really supported in OS X Server but can be done with hand-created sparsebundles (ugh). With the drobo you have to create a volume per user but can enforce the size that way.

Does anyone have experience running Time Capsule successfully in an environment with around 10 to 50 computers? I am looking at a Drobo (probably 5N), Mac Mini Server with a disk array, or perhaps a Synology unit. 4TB is enough for now but I would like the storage to be expandable.

Finally, should I be using a cloud based service like CrashPlan? I really like the ability to restore a mac that has been lost or destroyed, and the fact that Time Capsule doesn't cause WAN traffic, but I don't like sys admin time.

Thanks in advance.

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