What is possible OSX upgrade for MacPro1,1 Dual-Core Intel Xeon 2.66 GHz?

Now still using using 10.5.8 (Leopard)

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According to the tech specs, you should be able to use OS X Lion (10.7) with the following specs:

  • Mac computer with an Intel Core 2 Duo, Core i3, Core i5, Core i7, or Xeon processor
  • 2GB of memory
  • OS X v10.6.6 or later (v10.6.8 recommended)
  • 7GB of available space

That would suggest to me that you would need to get onto 10.6 (Snow Leopard) + all updates and then could get to OSX Lion (10.7).

Mountain Lion+ Specifies an "early 2008 Mac Pro or newer", yours appears to be the iteration just before that.

  • Yes, I used Snow Leopard on my 1,1 for a long time.
    – GEdgar
    Aug 2, 2013 at 20:47

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