I'm looking for a clipboard manager like Ditto for Mac:

Ditto is an extension to the standard windows clipboard. It saves each item placed on the clipboard allowing you access to any of those items at a later time. Ditto allows you to save any type of information that can be put on the clipboard, text, images, html, and custom formats.

Meaning Ditto can store about 40 items. Ditto has some extra utilities:

  • searching in items
  • parsing plain text
  • keeping images as well

If you just want clipboard history, check out Jumpcut. Manages your clipboard history just fine. To install:

brew install jumpcut

It’s also a common feature in applications like Alfred (as noted by Lauri Ranta), LaunchBar and Keyboard Maestro.

  • I have alfred. How do I call Jumpcut from alfred? – Elad Benda Jul 30 '13 at 6:48
  • @EladBenda Jumpcut is a separate program from Alfred, which has its own built-in clipboard history. I don’t use Alfred, but check out this page from the Alfred site that explains how to use the clipboard history. – robmathers Jul 30 '13 at 18:20
  • If you look at the link, you’ll see that Jumpcut is indeed free. – robmathers Jul 31 '13 at 16:35

I use Alfred's clipboard history. It's searchable, it can keep history for up to three months, it has a nice keyboard-centered UI, and it doesn't require running other applications on the background. It doesn't support images or rich text, but I mostly work with plain text anyway.

  • Alfred isn't as complete as a standalone clipboard manager, but I do use it a lot and love it. – Tortilla Jul 29 '13 at 22:49
  • I'm looking for freeware – Elad Benda Jul 30 '13 at 6:49
  • I just realized that I could assign a shortcut to directly invoke clipboard history. – Steven Xu Oct 12 '14 at 10:45
  • not support images – kenberkeley Feb 16 '19 at 4:00

Try this one out: https://github.com/naotaka/ClipMenu. It's free and you could use shortcuts for it.


another one is Flycut which still runs perfectly well in OS10.10.3.


iClip is a little old, but still works well. I believe the only thing it doesn't do is search in items. Other than that, it does everything you want and more: images, plaintext, stores up to 99 items, etc.


CopyQ is the alternative I've got for my Macs. It supports richtext, images and has search. You can also change the key combination to show the list and choose what to paste without using mouse.

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I just started using quicksilver and it seems to some support for images, but I need it mostly for text. I like that I was able to duplicate Ditto's fast functionality by following this guide.

There's a little bit of setup, but looks like I'm going to be sticking with it for my OS X coding purposes.

Plus it feels good to be back with quicksilver, I remember using it way before spotlight search was any good.


CopyClip is available for free in AppStore

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