I send lots of emails to a small number of people. Rather than having to send emails to them through the native Mail app, I'd like to have an app that I can "click" on that automatically has a specific address already filled in and seeks only a subject and message-contents.

I'd like to have three of these, each doing the same thing, but going to different email addresses.

I've never written an iOS app and don't feel like learning how, but I haven't yet found a way to either create forms or encapsulate macros or other paths to doing what I want. I've tried doing this by navigating to a webmail "send email" screen via the Safari browser, filling in the To field, and then saving it as a shortcut, but when clicked on the screen appears without the email.

Any other ideas?

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There are at least two apps which support something like this:

  • Drafts

    Note application with the ability to define actions for these notes based on the standard URL scheme. Sending mails to pre-defined addresses is easily possible

  • LaunchCenter Pro

    Quick starter for apps, using URLs as well. Using an URL with the mail recipient included will open Mail with an empty mail already addressed correctly.

  • This got me thinking. I created a web page whose contents were a redirect to a mailto URL. I loaded that page in safari and then saved it to the home screen and voila, I got what I needed. Thanks for sparking the inspiration for solving this! Jul 29, 2013 at 4:37

I' using workflow apps for doing this

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