I have a Verizon iPhone and I want to hook it up with Straight Talk. Can anyone help me?

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I use my iPhone from Verizon (not unlocked by Verizon) in Thailand, where they don't provide any kind of Straight talk.
So I just disabled in Settings all sort of use of my [integrated] US number, and added my Apple ID. Thou it is now used more like iPod Touch, but I am pretty accessible true iMessage, FaceTime, Viber, Facebook, etc... And all this only when I am in a Wi-Fi reachable area.

So IMO, to not use Verizon services with Verizon iPhone - this would be one option to do so...


Your iphone has to be unlocked by Verizon.

Pending your contract they might or might no do that.

After that there is no problem using Straight talk.

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