I have iCloud Safari bookmark syncing set up on two Macs and an iPhone. Is it possible to delete a bookmark (or set of bookmarks) from one machine only, so that they continue to exist on the other two devices?


As any changes performed to an iCloud-Sync service will be pushed to all other iCloud-Sync devices, your only option would be to unsync the desired device form iCloud's Safari and then delete the bookmarks.

Bear in mind that once you re-enable the Safari's Sync, all of its data will be merged together.

  • That's actually not a bad solution; I don't make changes to my bookmarks very often. If I did need to sync them again in the future, I could just re-delete the group again. Thanks! – daGUY Jul 22 '13 at 14:04

Cleaning iCloud Bookmarks Procedure:

Turn off bookmark syncing on all devices and on computer.

Clean /file /sort Safari bookmarks. Quit Safari.

Locate bookmarks.plist Safari folder in ~/Library. Drag to the desktop.

Start Safari. Bookmarks should be blank.

Turn Safari bookmarks sync back on. Let it sync to iCloud.

Quit Safari, move the ,plist back ~/Library/Safari.

Start Safari. Edited bookmark .plist is back in place. Let it sync to iCloud.

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