I have a photo album in iPhoto '11. To stream it to my Apple TV (3rd gen), I open iTunes '11 and do File > Home Sharing > Choose Photos to Share with Apple TV. I select my photo album from the list and click Sync.

Now on Apple TV, I choose Computers > Robert's Library > Photos > My Photo Album.

I see a screen of thumbnails, all photos in the album. I go to the top of the screen, choose Slideshow > Start Slideshow, and the slideshow starts from the first photo.

My problem is, I was showing the slideshow to my family (216 photos), and half way through we got interrupted by dinner so I stopped the slideshow. Later, we sat down again to watch the rest, but there doesn't appear to be a way to start the slideshow from where we left off.

I tried navigating the thumbnails to the last photo we saw, and select it, but that only provides for viewing individual photos and I have to manually next-next-next through the photos to watch them.

Is there any way to start the slideshow from a specific photo in the album?

Any info or suggestions are appreciated. Thanks!


Make a new album in iphoto with the remaining photos and start on appleTV that album

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You can use third party apps now and those make it easier to create and show slideshows from the middle. One in particular that I like is Slidez but there are others such as Storehouse. Go to the App Store and do a search from your Apple TV. Good luck.

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