I have a photo album in iPhoto '11. To stream it to my Apple TV (3rd gen), I open iTunes '11 and do File > Home Sharing > Choose Photos to Share with Apple TV. I select my photo album from the list and click Sync.

Now on Apple TV, I choose Computers > Robert's Library > Photos > My Photo Album.

I see a screen of thumbnails, all photos in the album. I go to the top of the screen, choose Slideshow > Start Slideshow, and the slideshow starts from the first photo.

My problem is, I was showing the slideshow to my family (216 photos), and half way through we got interrupted by dinner so I stopped the slideshow. Later, we sat down again to watch the rest, but there doesn't appear to be a way to start the slideshow from where we left off.

I tried navigating the thumbnails to the last photo we saw, and select it, but that only provides for viewing individual photos and I have to manually next-next-next through the photos to watch them.

Is there any way to start the slideshow from a specific photo in the album?

Any info or suggestions are appreciated. Thanks!

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Make a new album in iphoto with the remaining photos and start on appleTV that album


You can use third party apps now and those make it easier to create and show slideshows from the middle. One in particular that I like is Slidez but there are others such as Storehouse. Go to the App Store and do a search from your Apple TV. Good luck.

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