Running into a strange problem with a newly deployed iMac running 10.8.4, bound to Open Directory & Active Directory, data migrated (via Migration Assistant) from an older iMac running 10.7...

Data migration went smoothly, I'm able to login as both the network user and as the mobile account user. However whenever I shut the machine down and reboot the network/mobile user loses administrative rights. If I restart (rather than shutdown, reboot) it seems like admin rights are retained but there have been 1 or 2 times that I think it lost them.

The only other wonky thing is that the remote login preference to only allow access to these users, with only the local administrative account selected (different from the account that is using admin privileges above), is resetting after restart/shutdown as well. When I reboot the preference is still selected but the selected user is now gone.

This IS quite similar to the question here but the difference is that both the network & mobile accounts are affected. Never the less I tried the proposed answer with no success.

Only real troubleshooting I've done so far is to verify that the account in question has the same User ID, Group, etc for both the network & mobile logins, along with a PRAM reset.

Anyone else run into this scenario or have any ideas?

  • This is an old thread but we have what seems like the same issue at an organization I work for. Haven't found a solution. A bit more information from my experience: Using Mac OSX Yosemite After being assigned a mobile account from the AD login and being given admin rights, the user takes their Macbook home for the night. Within about 30 minutes of logging in (outside the corporate network) the admin rights disappear. They only come back after being manually reassigned by a local admin account or the user is logged in and the Macbook is connected directly to the company network for about 30 min – user104718 Dec 14 '14 at 18:51

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