What does a family with multiple devices do for charging and storage of a growing number of devices. We now have 4 laptops 5 iPads and 5 iPhones plus several other iPods. Are there any cabinets designed for the home that can charge and house this many? I am tired of the cords and devices laying all over my house.

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I find the cables die pretty frequently. The kids always get them knotted, or stress them. So, I buy a lot of cheap ones. Something like these. At $4 for 5 I tend to buy 15-20 a time. Takes months to run through them and I don't fret about it. We have a huge stock of the actual little bricks from the many iPhones we've had.

I've also seen a lot of interesting little projects for charging and cable management:

The neatest/simplest being:

Also several items like this on the market:

And finally, I'm putting these by the bed so my phone can charge over night:

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This isn't necessarily Apple-specific (I don't believe there is a mass Apple-friendly charging station), but a cheaper option would be to consolidate all of the cables into one space. For example, you can have a power strip with USB-compatibility in one area of your house and have your family charge their devices there. For example, I have a device like this that suits all of my charging needs.

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