I backup my phone to iTunes but need to back up my pc. I can do pictures as I can just copy those from the phone but what about the contacts, texts etc that are backed up to iTunes? Where is that stored?

  • Are you asking about the location on a Windows computer? – Keith Smiley Jul 18 '13 at 1:00

From Locate backups of your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch:

iTunes places the backup files in the following places:

  • Mac: ~/Library/Application Support/MobileSync/Backup/

  • Windows XP: \Documents and Settings\(username)\Application Data\Apple Computer\MobileSync\Backup\

    Note: To quickly access the Application Data folder, click Start, and choose Run. Type %appdata% and click OK.

  • Windows Vista, 7, 8, 10: \Users\(username)\AppData\Roaming\Apple Computer\MobileSync\Backup\

    Note: To quickly access the AppData folder, click Start. In the search bar, type %appdata% and press the ↩ Return key.

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  • I gather than you are not supposed to say thank you particularly on here but thank you so much. I can now replace my hard drive after the backup of the backup! :) – madfish Jul 17 '13 at 21:26
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  • Just a note that on my Mac, these files are split apart and named in a way that they're not human-readable. – Eric Hu Nov 17 '15 at 7:34
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    What about windows 10 – user1605665 Dec 27 '16 at 2:35

For Windows 7 & 8 (from my knowledge):

  • Start iTunes and attach the iPhone.
  • Click on your phone icon and then select the Info tab on the top menu.
  • Note the drop down menu SYNC CONTACTS WITH.
  • Choose Windows Contacts.
  • Make sure everything else is unchecked.
  • Then go ahead sync your phone.
  • This creates and or updates a Contacts Folder in your Windows User's folder called Contacts.
  • The info in here looks similar to a file but the columns show contact info.
  • Select an entry and OPEN IT (double click or right click and choose open.) - An edit window opens. When you sync the Windows Contact folder and your iPhone you will be able to get a pretty cool reconciliation feature for the differences between the two lists.
  • This works well and I know I have my contacts on my computer and backed up with all my other stuff.
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