I'd like to do something with my windows on OS X, where something includes options like re-arranging, moving, re-sizing, remembering positions, cloning across Spaces, etc. What options exist?


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Flexiglass ($9.99)

Flexiglass is no longer available and the link is dead because Nulana was bought by Acronis.

Flexiglass featured complete and convenient window management with exclusive multi-touch gestures support, offering a simple way to manage many windows on a Mac with a mouse, keyboard, trackpad, and graphics tablet. It included different tools to move, resize, and arrange windows on the screen easily and joyfully.


  • Move & Resize
    Usually, when you want to move or resize a window on a Mac you are limited by its title bar or lower-right corner. Flexiglass adds a Linux style Alt-Dragging to manage windows.

  • Multi-Touch Gestures
    You can use finger gestures on your MacBook trackpad or Magic trackpad to move and resize windows. Flexiglass can save different settings for a trackpad and mouse and automatically change them when you plug or unplug devices.

  • Quick Layouts
    Quick Layouts was an intuitive snap feature. It was a simple solution for working with multiple windows which can be resized to take up halves or quarters of the screen or full screen.

  • Quick Layout Shortcuts
    User-defined shortcuts allowed you to move windows to halves or quarters of the screen and back to original size.

  • Real Zoom & Real Close
    These options made title bar buttons much more useful. Right-clicking on the green Zoom button will truly maximize a window to full screen. Right-clicking on the Close window button will quit the application.

  • Double-click to Zoom
    Double-clicking on the window title bar was the easiest way to expand it to full screen.

  • Contrary to the first bullet, Flexiglass seems able to only resize from the lower right corner (whereas Linux would resize the corner of the quadrant you started dragging in). In testing, I also found the motion very choppy.
    – duozmo
    Commented Oct 28, 2012 at 17:11
  • @duozmo I know I'm very late to the party with this answer, but you can resize from every corner and it doesn't seem choppy to me at all. It might have been difference in 2012, I don't recall. :)
    – kba
    Commented Apr 15, 2014 at 14:51
  • It's a subtle distinction. In Linux-style alt-dragging, alt-dragging in, for example, the upper-left quadrant of the window would change the coordinates of the upper left corner (demo), whereas in Flexiglass it changes the lower right corner.
    – duozmo
    Commented Apr 15, 2014 at 22:32
  • @duozmo Ah, you're right. I've never used that feature. And that does, indeed, seem a little choppy.
    – kba
    Commented Apr 16, 2014 at 1:08
  • Flexiglass has been great for me. Simple, without a bunch of features I don't need. Fast: no silly animations or whatever. It just pops windows where they're needed without fuss.
    – allanberry
    Commented Aug 11, 2014 at 19:14

Split Screen Ultimate $19.99

enter image description here

Comes with Dual Monitor Support

enter image description here

Support Multiple languages including: English, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Russian, Spanish

enter image description here

And Most Important: Includes Drag and Snap feature - just like what you find in Microsoft Windows!

Disclosure: I own this app.


ChunkWM (Free, Open Source)

It seems surprising to me that nobody seems to have mentioned chunkwm yet, a successor to kwm. It is the one solution with the user experience and feature sets closest to a traditional Unix tiling window manager, even much more so than Amethyst.

It supports all the intuitive tiling WM commands, including increasing/decreasing window size, swapping windows, changing focus between windows, spaces, monitors, etc. It even supports killing the currently focused window with one universal key, just as all the Unix window managers allow you to do.

The default keybindings are also very intuitive and easy to press.

It is in active development as of now (Mar 2019). The author has implemented a lot of difficult-to-implement functionalities, and now even plans to add the ability to throw a space onto another monitor, which no window manager on OSX has been able to achieve yet.

Definitely worth checking out if you're acquainted with various Unix tiling window managers.


Gridsutra Lite

Standard suite of window management features, such as assigning hotkeys to various window sizes.


enter image description here



I used to use an app called Zephyros which is open source on Github https://github.com/pd/zephyros

Loved it because its essentially infinitely configurable and very lightweight whereas a lot of the commercial apps I've tried are always unnecessarily heavy on resources which bugs the crap out of me.

But I've had trouble running Zephyros ever since I upgraded to Mavericks. :(

It's worth checking out though.



App Store (Free currently)

Keyboard based minimal window manager. Shift to left, right, center, and drag adjust via keyboard. Adjust width, height, display. Switch between dragging windows or jumping.



My favorite Window management utility is WindowMizer available from rgbworld.com.

It allows you to roll-up windows without losing your focus. A double-click rolls up the window to get it out of the way. Double-click and it returns to its full-size.

enter image description here



Not in AppStore (free with paid team options)

  • Differenciator: It's actually a spotlight replacement like Bartender, but there are native options to move windows around with it and there are options to bind hotkeys to this. What I do is to just bind some shortcuts to common window actions and manage my windows using that. As a bonus, you get a fantastic piece of software as a Spotlight replacement (not affiliated).
  • It's keyboard only, you cannot special-resize using the mouse when using this method.


16$, Not in AppStore

Works with Trackpad gestures, feels native and smooth



Use Gridsutra. Awesome UX and so easy to use. Apart from others, you will notice the effectiveness, easy of use, and features that no one else offers. Especially support for adobe package and the window sticking to corner. I am a happy customer and waiting for more excitement from that team.


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