There are a number of posts that talk about CPU temperature. Is there a utility built in to Mac OSX that I can use to determine the current temperature of the CPU?


While iStat Menus @Mark mentioned are no longer freeware, the iStat nano and iStat Pro Dashboard widgets are free.

I personally use iStat nano for my system monitoring needs. Here it is showing the temps it can read on my iMac:

iStat nano temps

If you hover over the widget, you can change the view. I usually have it running in "Overview" mode, which shows CPU, RAM, HDD*, fan*, temperature*, network* and uptime info.

*) user-configurable, e.g. which temp sensor's readings are displayed

  • I would like to update this answer in order to tell the reader that iStat nano and iStat Pro no longer exist, these apps can not be downloaded anymore. How are such edits usually done?
    – basZero
    Jul 9 '14 at 13:34
  • You can still find them on download sites, google for "iStat Pro download" for example. Sep 3 '14 at 13:11

I use smcFanControl which can tell the internal temp of your computer as well control the speed of the fan (in case you need to increase/decrease the speed manually).


There are APIs that code can call. Various utilities have been written touse them. Ones I have used are

Temperature Monitor - free - there is also a Dashboard widget
iStat Menus - which now has to be paid for the old version was free

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