I have a hosts file that I've added a couple URLs to a while back and it's been working fine, but any new entries now get completely ignored. I've added these to test it...

google.com test-domain.com

google.com www.test-domain.com

And I've read through a bunch of posts about this issue. It makes no difference if I put them at the top or the bottom of the file, nor if I follow the entries with 2 carriage returns.

I'm totally at a loss. Any ideas?

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    You can't enter those values. That's not how the hosts file works. You need to direct an ip to a domain. You can't redirect based on domains. So you'll need to enter test-domain.com to have as the routable address when test-domain.com is entered into a browser (or other). – user10355 Jul 15 '13 at 22:28

As far as I'm aware, the /etc/hosts file on UNIX systems is intended to map IP addresses to hostnames and vice-versa. You have not added IP address information for these hosts.

See the man page for more information by typing the following at the command line:

man 5 hosts

You haven't specified how you are attempting to use this file or the records inside of it, so it's hard to say why it was working previously.

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