Is there a way to quickly pretty print large XML files without needing an app? Online solutions don't allow for massive files and I'd like to do this without install more junk on my computer.


Macs come with libxml2 which inclues a tool called xmllint. You can use this to format your xml with ease. The tool does not have a graphical interface, so you'll need to fire up terminal.

Example 1. Format a file

xmllint --format - < file_to_format.xml > formatted_output.xml

Example 2. Format xml from clipboard

pbpaste | xmllint --format - > formatted_output.xml

This information came from this blog http://richardlog.com/post/12743073497/pretty-printing-json-and-xml-on-mac-osx

  • The link to the blog is no longer valid. The rest of this answer is correct and useful. – sonofagun Jan 26 at 18:26

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