How can I create a multiline text input dialog using Applescript? Creating a single line dialog is simple...

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One workaround is to make the default answer include a linefeed, but it will also be included in the default answer:

display dialog "" default answer linefeed

CocoaDialog supports multi-line dialogs:

do shell script "/Applications/CocoaDialog.app/Contents/MacOS/CocoaDialog \\
textbox --editable --title Title --button1 OK --button2 Cancel" without altering line endings
tell result
    if item 1 is not "1" then return
    set answer to text 3 thru -2
end tell

I couldn't get the text view to have focus when full keyboard access is enabled, even with ‑‑focus‑textbox or --selected.


Try application called Pashua. It's brilliant even for relative beginners and it's free.



I know how to create a simple log-in type of application in AppleScript Editor. So, you first go-to AppleScript Editor, then you type-in the code bellow, then click "Run"

tell application "Finder"

    set passAns to "I'm not a spy, and I will always follow the rules"

    if the text returned of (display dialog "Hello, welcome to this App!
    Thank you, for visiting.


    Please look at the code a decide that you 'prove' that you are not a spy, and that you will always follow the rules. if you don't agree, type-in the code ''I don't agree''

    Thank You!__________________________" & return & "" default answer "I'm not a spy, and I will always follow the rules" buttons {"Cancel", "I Prove-it and Continue…"} with icon stop with title "Application (Locked)" default button 2 with hidden answer) is passAns then
        display dialog "Loged-in! Thank you!" buttons {"Okay"} default button 1

        display dialog "Sorry if you don't aggre, you are not allowed to enter open this app. Please click ''Cancel'' to close, or if you still want to enter, just re-open this app.
    ________________________" buttons {"Okay, Cancel"} with icon stop with title "Application (Can't Open)" default button 1

    end if
end tell
  • This does not have multiple line text input.
    – Flimm
    Jul 10, 2015 at 9:38

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