I own a MacBook Pro and a mid-2010 iMac.

I'm trying to install Windows 8 on a second partition on my iMac (currently running Snow Leopard), but I'm still having issues :

  • I tried with BootCamp, but since my DVD drive is not working, I cannot complete the process
  • The BootCamp Assistant doesn't display the option of creating a bootable USB (even though I tried to tweak its info.plist)
  • I tried creating a bootable USB flash, using Windows 7 USB Download Tool on my MacBook Pro which is also running Windows 8 (+ Mac OS X Mountain Lion), but I can't get it to work (I'm seeing the initial Boot menu, with Option, but the flash drive doesn't show up; pressing C on startup didn't work either)
  • Tried booting from a third partition but I'm stuck at the point of restoring the .iso to the partition (now it sees the iso as corrupt :S - whatever...)
  • Using Parallels/etc is out of the question since I need the 64-bit Windows 8 version purely for Windows Phone Development purposes(and that would create issues with Hyper-V and Virtualization, regarding the Windows Phone Emulator)
  • I even tried using some Screen Sharing software (e.g. TeamViewer) but it lags + the resolution is not properly adjusted.

So, any ideas?

I'm willing to try anything! (lol)

P.S. I've been through all of this trouble only to be able to develop for Windows Phone (and thus, using Windows 8) on a bigger screen - and no, I don't have any cable for that (nor am I sure it's doable given that the iMac has no Thunderbolt port). So, if you have any suggestions on that, they're perfectly welcome!

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