I uninstalled zsh pretty soon after I installed it as I realised I had got used to the normal Terminal. The uninstall went successfully and I restarted Terminal, but now it displays my computer-name (tommbp) with a % next to it, as display below:

Wierd Terminal message before cursor

I'm not sure if this impacts on using Terminal but I'm not a Terminal superuser or anything so I'd rather just have it back how it was. Also, I am a front-end dev for a Rails app and when I went to restart the rails server, it says it's not installed and when I try to install it, nothing loads.

Rails not installed

Does anyone know how to fix these two issues?


How did you uninstall it? The title bars in the screenshots show that the current command is still zsh, or maybe /bin/zsh.

If you changed this setting in Terminal's preferences, change it back to the default login shell:

If you changed the default login shell, you can change it back to /bin/bash with chsh -s /bin/bash.

  • yeah found this solution literally just before you posted it. Thanks anyway :) Teaches me not to mess with Terminal when I'm not absolutely 100% sure what I'm doing :L – Tom Oakley Jul 12 '13 at 12:35

Check your $PROMPT env variable:

echo $PROMPT

Can be set by editing your ~/.profile - there are lots of good tuts out there if you google for them.

  • Thanks Geoff :) echo $PROMPT outputs as %m%# - I've tried to edit .profile but it doesn't work, and I tried editing .bashrc using nano but that didn't work either. Is this normal or am I missing a step? I just put PS1="\h:\W \u\$" (apparently the default for OS X) at the top of .profile and .bashrc. Is this correct? – Tom Oakley Jul 12 '13 at 11:23

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