I have the latest MacBook Pro 15 inch with Retina display, OS 10.8.4. Not wanting to use the standard Fn keys but use them as Apple has assigned them.

Is there a keyboard shortcut to display the desktop? I find the finger drag on the trackpad literally a drag!

Thanks, Carin

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cmd-F3 works for me. If you have Use all F1, F2, etc. keys as standard function keys turned on in System Preferences > Keyboard, then it would have to be fn-cmd-F3.

  1. Go to System Preferences -> Mission Control
  2. Assign your own keyboard shortcut to Show Desktop.

Just press command + F3 And repeat the same command to bring the windows back.

  • This adds nothing that wasn't already said in the first answer from 5 years ago.
    – Tetsujin
    Feb 23, 2019 at 7:44

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