as the title states, my headphone jack is useless because a headphone cable broke off in the jack. I can't get audio through the speakers because the computer thinks there're headphones plugged in. I had read and thought that I couldn't redirect audio because it was a hardware issue. But, when I installed Windows 7 through bootcamp, I was getting audio through the speakers. So, I know now that it isn't a hardware issue, but a software issue in OSX.

If one were to solve this via software (hack, script, etc) how do you think one would go about doing this?

Last time I took in my computer to the Apple store to try and get the bit of cable out of the jack, they couldn't and recommended that I use an adhesive.

Thanks for your help

Latest version retina macbook pro 15" (mid or late 2012) running OSX 10.8.4


Do not know about software but assume you would like to use your Headphone eventualy.

Removing broken Headset pin

The gentle methods:

Use instant glue at the end of Q-tip shaft.

The disadvantage, depending how deep you have to go in glue can stick and cover the contacts in the socket so it wont work afterward.

The "Man" methods:

Use Drill bits (broken screw) removal tools, or something like it. Yes you will be drilling :)

The disadvantage: You are Drilling !

The profession methods:

Disassemble you computer and access the headphone jack from inside>this is the best method.

The disadvantage: Know-how + Time + Cost! ?

  • Thanks. Was hoping for a software fix, but can't help it if one doesn't exist. I'll be taking it to a different apple store hopefully with better results. Thanks again. – SolomonS Jul 8 '13 at 2:14

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