I just bought the new MacBook Air 13" (2013) and am experiencing dramatic battery loss when using Dropbox and a few other apps.

While that is a well know issue with Dropbox, I wonder if there is a solution for my Mac (that is build to last long time on a single battery charge).

Nico already posted something about it, and it seems Dropbox drains the battery of the new MacBook Air in about 3 hours.

That defeats the Apples design for long battery lifetime, so is there a way to I fix the Dropbox app.


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As it turns out (I'm the Nico from the blog post you are linking), the latest update to Dropbox corrected the issue. Now, when syncing/idling, the battery reports an insanely great remaining time.

If you have the latest Dropbox version, I'd suggest searching for other rogue processes that could drain your battery.

  • Thanks, Nico. By the way, is it version 2.2.8?
    – João
    Aug 9, 2013 at 15:29

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