So I have a client who wanted us to design them a screensaver... In PowerPoint... "The client's always right!"

I have created it and need to record the animated output into a .mov file, for import into a screensaver creator program. My dilemma is this...

  1. When choosing to Export as Movie from Powerpoint, it exports without animation - which isn't very helpful
  2. When using QuickTime Player to record the screen, it records it - but has noticeable compression artefacts throughout the animation

I'm fine to purchase a copy of something like ScreenFlow, but I'm wondering if anyone can point me to any alternative/better solutions, before I cough up £70 on Screenflow... The Powerpoint is only 30 seconds long, so I'm not fussed about file size without any compression.


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Check out Screenium if it suits your needs, I have used it for a few projects and it worked great.

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