I use VMWare with a Win 7 virtual machine.

I have a late 2012 iMac with 20GB of RAM. I use Windows for ...

  • running Groupwise constantly
  • using Respondus occasionally
  • Explorer (please don't judge--I have to test Blackboard LMS occasionally) :-)

What is the appropriate size for it to run in?

  • Since VMWare can add disk and RAM space on the fly, why not start with as small as can run and only give the VM more when you need it? – bmike Jun 29 '13 at 14:22

I'd go with VMWare fusion's defaults for Windows 7:

  • 60 GB drive
  • 1 GB RAM

Unless the memory on the guest OS becomes very constrained, you might only need to bump it to 2 GB to get a little speed up if needed. The 2012 iMac CPU is quite capable and you do have significant amounts of RAM so you could juice the VM to a lot more RAM if needed without starving OS X for memory.

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