I have an iphone 4s i just restored it and am running at 6.1.3 (latest version) I backed up my phone before the restore and have restored from the correct backup. I now have two problems:

  1. I want to redownload all my apps from the store but when i access the app store and find an app I have previously bought this happens: E.G Instagram I search for Instagram and then where it should say install in that little curved edge box, it just says open. So I thought OH good I still have it downloaded! so I click on open and literally nothing happens. I click it a few more times. Still nothing! I am beyond confused. The same happens with all the apps that I have previously owned: Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook ETC.
  2. all my music; the iphone recognises all my playlists and artists and all the albums and tells me their all on my phone but when i click on songs, there is nothing there absoultly nothing. And when I go to artist and clikc on artists to find a song, there will be nothing inside them. And the same happens in albums.

I have never done anything like jailbreaking or modifying my iPhone.

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Go to Settings -> General -> Reset -> Erase All Content and Settings. Then when prompt to choose between set up as new iphone and restore from icloud/itunes backup, choose restore from itunes.

This should resolve your issue.


If you backed up your iPhone via iTunes before the update, restore form the same backup using iTunes once again:


After the restore, make sure you fully sync your iTunes library (with all Sync options from all tabs checked). This should resolve the issue.

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