On our network we have 2 network drives both with a folder named 'Shared', //driveA/Shared and //driveB/Shared. When someone connects to //driveA/Shared, then connects to //driveB/Shared, the //driveB/Shared folder overwrites the //driveA/Shared folder, because they are both named Shared. Even though it looks like both are connected, it can not find files from //driveA/Shared. So people can not have both folders open at the same time. I tried manually mounting them with:

mount -t smbfs //drive1/Shared ~/drive1
mount -t smbfs //drive2/Shared ~/drive2

However, the problem still persist. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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I would suggest that you change the domain names to simplify the problem, say if they are in different room, use... R22shared and R23shared, or Serv1 shared / Serv2shared, this may get rid of you problem.

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