Is it possible to sync an iPhone with multiple computers? I know the music will be restricted, and I don't mind. I want the contacts, bookmarks, etc. to be in sync across my home iMac and my MacBook.

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The best way to synchronize contacts and bookmarks between several Mac and/or iPhone is to use MobileMe (now iCloud). It will sync all as you need where you want.


You actually don't have to buy MobileMe to sync contacts and calendar to multiple Macs and multiple iOS devices. This can be accomplished with only a free Google account. If you want more details on how to set it up, please ask.

As far as I know, there is no way to sync bookmarks without MobileMe.


Actually, I just answered the question to how to keep your device's music library synchronized with 2 machines as well: Sync iTunes U between 2 Macs via an iPod


One way to partly solve this (without paying for MobileMe) is by syncing certain data between different computers using Dropbox. (This approach was suggested in a Super User question about syncing home folders that I asked a year ago.)

To sync contacts, for example, share AddressBook's application data between your Macs like this:

  1. Move the folder ~/Library/Application Support/AddressBook (on the computer where you have the data) to your Dropbox.
  2. On each computer you wish to sync, create a symlink from ~/Library/Application Support/AddressBook to that folder in your Dropbox.

These screenshots show what the setup looks like on one of my computers:

alt text alt text

(If you need more detailed instructions, please let me know!)

For bookmarks, you'd need to share some Safari application data (I don't know which files/folders exactly as I haven't done that myself).

Obviously this isn't optimal, but once you set it up, it works pretty well. I think Apple is sooner or later going to provide better (cloud-based, even wireless) sync across multiple devices (also to those who're not paying extra for the service). Well, at any rate they should, as they are lagging behind Google quite badly in this respect.

  • Oh, if you don't use Dropbox yet, feel free to use this referral link when signing up — that way you get 2.25GB (instead of 2GB) to start with. :)
    – Jonik
    Commented Sep 27, 2010 at 14:17

You can have your music synced to one computer and contacts synced to another - no problem.

  • That's not really what was asked though -- it wouldn't keep contacts on the phone and two different computers all in sync. Commented Aug 18, 2010 at 14:32

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