I have a quite large zip file with archived documents and I want to add a new file into it.

How to do it quick and easy? The archive is quite large, so extract+add+compress+delete is not preffered option.

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AFAIK There's no (free) onboard app to achieve this.

The easiest way would be to do it via command line.

zip /path/to/zipfile.zip file1 file2

If you want to add all(!) files within a directory and subdirectories, run

zip -r /path/to/zipfile.zip /path/to/dir

It will also add .DS_Store files and that like, so be careful with the latter command.

However, if you're fine with spending some money, you could take a look at http://macitbetter.com. They provide an app called BetterZip 2 which is also capable of doing what you want.

  • Sad there is no native way in OS X, so lets go back to trees (and command line:) Isn't it possible to create a service or whatever when I drag and drop file/folder to .zip to launch a command for me? Jun 24, 2013 at 10:17

For when you prefer a UI (versus command line), Commander One providers a free UI for direct viewing and editing of ZIP files.

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