I'm looking for a way to listen to podcasts at 2x on my iPod classic. I know this is not supported out of the box.

Is there an alternative firmware like rockbox, that supports syncing with iTunes and double playback speed or - which I assume is likelier - a Mac app that allows me to easily speed up the mp3 files. With easily I mean it should support editing in batch and replacing the files automatically, ideally started with a script directly in iTunes.

(I do know about audacity, but I want something a little more automated)


There's no such way to do that, actually. So, you have two possibilities:

  1. Adjust the tempo before add the podcast on your phone (using Audacity or something similar), you can have a look on this Super User post to understand how to do it.

  2. Convert the podcast into an audiobook format. You can adjust the actual velocity of your audiobook going into "Settings > Audiobooks"

Besides that, I can't see no other way to do that, sorry.

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Set the media Kind to Audiobook in iTunes and re-sync.

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