Is it possible to see the full license (terms of use) of iOS Enterprise Developer Program before going through the whole process of enrollment to the program?

I know that you can see the license during the process of enrollment to the program but this is at the end of this process, after company verification, etc. However, I would like to check some details in terms of use before going through the whole process. I was looking for this document but found nothing.


Take a look at the iOS Developer Enterprise Program FAQ. The key points are:

  • No ability to distribute apps on the App Store.
  • Only allows you to distribute your apps to employees or members of your organization through Ad Hoc distribution.
  • The program is for companies/organizations to develop and distribute proprietary in-house apps to their employees.
  • If you want to develop for other company than yours, that other company should enroll in the program and add you to their development team.
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The FAQ and program description are NOT terms and conditions. Not sure if I speak for Piotr, but I'm looking for specific terms. I want to distribute to a selected and isolated group of people and want to know what Apple's terms and conditions are to see if the Enterprise Developer Program will work. It's pretty f-ed up that Apple doesn't provide a link anywhere readily available.

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From Apple Developer Enterprise Program License Agreement (here)

“Internal Use Application” means a software program (including extensions, media, and Libraries that are enclosed in a single software bundle) that is developed by You on a custom basis for Your own business purposes (e.g., an inventory app specific to Your business) for specific use with an Apple-branded product running iOS, watchOS, and/or OS X, as applicable, and solely for internal use by Your Employees or Permitted Users, or as otherwise expressly permitted in Section 2.1(f). Except as otherwise expressly permitted herein, specifically excluded from Internal Use Applications are any programs or applications that may be used, distributed, or otherwise made available to other companies, contractors (except for contractors who are developing the Internal Use Application for You on a custom basis and therefore need to use or have access to such Application), distributors, vendors, resellers, end-users or members of the general public. For the sake of clarity, Internal Use Applications do not include third-party applications even if some customization has been done.

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You can get all the details about iOS Enterprise Developer Program in the URL below.


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    I have seen this page but unfortunately there are not as many details there as I would like to see. I would like to read in detail what Apple understands as "App for Internal Usage". – Piotr Jun 14 '13 at 11:21

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