I like to keep the iTunes Mini Player in the bottom left corner of my screen, since it doesn't overlap anything else there and I can always see it. This works fine, with the following exception:

When I change iTunes to the standard iTunes window again to select a different playlist or browse my selection, and then switch it back to the Mini Player, it's still in the bottom left corner, but is now positioned a bit too high, basically above the dock, instead of to the left of the dock. Which means I have to move it down again.

It seems like Windows have a natural tendency to avoid positions next to the dock, with the bottom of the window at the very bottom of the screen.

Is there a way to work around this, to force the window to stay at the bottom of the screen?


The dock will automatically push windows up above it to avoid the problem of losing windows. This is something that cannot be changed I believe. The only way to get it down that far would be to hide the dock or place the dock on the left/right side.

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