I have a Macbook Pro which has a 750GB HDD. I'm currently using Bootcamp to run Win 7. If I want to upgrade the HDD to a SSD but keep my stuff from both the OS X side and the Win 7 side what are the steps to backing it up?

  • Don't forget the option to put a SSD in your optical bay. You can then run all your apps and both OS's from the SSD and leave the OS's also on the HDD for backup (if the SSD doesn't boot someday you just boot onto the HDD and are running again). This is the setup I now have and I thoroughly enjoy it. – bassplayer7 Jun 7 '13 at 20:21

Here's what I would do (haven't done it step by step, but I have fairly lot experience with swapping drives, making copies of partitions etc.):

  • exchange the drives (put the SSD inside)
  • make sure you have an external USB bay for the current drive
  • first test: power on with the Alt key pressed when it chimes, select the external OSX and see if you can boot OS X from the external drive (this should work)
  • note: you will not be able to boot Windows from the USB drive (booting Windows from USB is generally not possible)
  • install OS X on the SSD via the recovery boot partition (if you have a time machine backup, restore that through the installer, this will save you the copying/migration-assistant step futher below).
  • now boot OS X from the internal SSD drive
  • eject and disconnect the USB drive to make sure bootcamp or Windows will not mess with it
  • run bootcamp assistant to make room for Windows (boot camp assistant will only work on an internal drive and only on an OS X install as the single partition (plus recovery partition from the install))
  • make a minimum windows install to check if that boots ok.

The point of the above is to create a partition layout on the SSD, that both MacOS and Windows recognize. The central thing there is, that bootcamp assitant will only let you do this from an original OS X partition layout.

Now you should have an SSD with a fresh OS X and fresh Windows. Your other drive is still in the original state, so you can always put it back.

Then copying the partitions is rather easy:

  • if you boot from the external OS X again, you can use SuperDuper (or a similar tool) to copy your current OS X to the SSD. Or boot the fresh OS X from the SSD and use the Migration Assistant and copy your setup from the external drive.
  • to copy Windows, get gparted (i486 iso), burn it on a CD. This will let you copy the external Windows partition to the internal one (boot Gparted from the CD, select external Windows partition, choose copy, then SSD Windows partition, paste, apply).
  • so, would getting the ssd be better than increasing the ram? – ironman May 30 '14 at 2:42

I've done this a few times and WinClone is well worth the US$30. It's basically SuperDuper or CarbonCopyCloner for your Bootcamp partition.

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