When I work at my desk, my MBP is connected to two 27" displays, so I have 3 screens, and they're laid out very specifically, so my chat, mail, trello, etc. windows are all in their own spot.

I'm lucky enough to work somewhere that has a lovely cafe workspace. As such, I like to take my MacBook up there and work on a single task in the morning, which rearranges all my windows to accommodate a single screen, and that's fine.

But when I return to my external displays, I need the ability to make all my windows (at least if they're open) return where they belong. It only needs to associate an app with a location; I don't need it to remember locations of specific browser windows, etc.

Is there a setting in OSX or an app (I'm willing to pay for it) that will allow me to either associate a layout with a monitor setup, or even just to save multiple layouts that I can snap back to when I switch configurations?

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    I asked the same question recently thinking maybe I'd end up implementing this myself. But I've just found an App called Stay that will do this. It's brilliant :-)
    – Benjohn
    Dec 11, 2014 at 13:44

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There's an application call Stay that does this and works very nicely.


I'm also looking for a such tool. This might help us:


It has a way to assign apps to desktops:

It has a way to assign apps to desktops

I still hope someone would come up with a way to assign application windows to desktops. (Working on multiple Sublime window/projects simultaniously..)


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