My team is working with Mountain Lion MacBook Pros, and we're using the GNU CLI tools, like wget and watch, intensively.

Whenever a new team member joins us, we tell the new hire to install homebrew and get the whichever CLI tool required by brew install.

We would like to automate the process, and prepare a list of GNU CLI tools which will be installed on every new machine.

Is there any list of classic GNU/Linux CLI tools available in homebrew?

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find, tar, awk, and sed are not included in coreutils:

brew install coreutils findutils gnu-tar gawk gnu-sed

You can use brew search gnu to search for other formulas where the name contains gnu.

Formulas for other commands that are not installed by default:

brew install ack aspell dos2unix exiftool ffmpeg ghostscript iftop imagemagick lame multimarkdown netcat pandoc parallel pidof poppler pstree recode rename sox ssh-copy-id tmux tree watch wget xmlstarlet

I tried running compgen -c on Ubuntu and OS X VMs and running this:

comm -23 <(sort ubuntu) <(sort osx) | parallel -P10 brew info {} \> /dev/null 2\>\&1 \&\& echo {} | sort -u | tr '\n' ' '

There were surprisingly few formulas, but the formula names don't always match command names:

_lzma apg arping aspell dash dnsmasq dpkg duplicity enchant fribidi gcc gettext ghostscript gpg gs lesspipe logrotate lzma lzmainfo mawk mtools mtr netcat ntfs-3g pdftohtml pidof pkg-config pstree rename ssh-copy-id unlzma usbmuxd watch wget xz

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