My one year old iMac failed to boot, after SMC and PRAM reseting I got the hard disc replaced and it is working again.

Now when I opened my back up, all the applications were there but many of them including iPhoto won't work with error message saying that it is not compatible with the Mountain Lion.

I don't know how to recover my photos. If I go for data recovery will it be able to recover my photos and can they be viewed normally or only through iPhoto.


Are you running the program from the backup HD directly, or did you do a Migration Assistant (the latter would be better, its located in Utilities).

Also, your photos are in /Users/(you)/Pictures/iPhoto Library. As long as you have this folder, your photos are not lost.

The next step is just to install (or update) and get iPhoto working again. Try to install from your CD (if you have any) or app store. As soon as it is working again, it will be able to find your pictures in the above folder on your new Mac.

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