Is there any way I can connect an LED Cinema Display via the HDMI port on my MacBook Pro with Retina display? I know there are various dongles that adapt for HDMI cables from Mini DP, but if I were to plug such an adapter into the back end of a LED Cinema Display, and connect it to my rMBP via an HDMI cake, would that configuration work?

  • What is HDMI cake?
    – Ruskes
    May 29, 2013 at 6:54

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You don't need to use an adaptor (supposedly) -- thunderbolt ports are the same as mini display ports, so according to Apple you do not need an adaptor, because it "will work just like it was connecting to a Mini DisplayPort connector when plugging in directly to the Thunderbolt connector on your Apple computer."

That said, I am also trying to figure out how it works, because it doesn't for me currently. But it is "supposed to".

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