Can anyone tell me whether it's possible to connect two external DVI monitors to a 2012 macbook Air?

Ideally I'd like to do this through the thunderbolt connector with an adapter to drive both displays, but otherwise can anyone recommend a decent USB3 -> DVI adapter is acceptable if it's equal to or better than what I would get via thunderbolt.

I'm not watching movies or gaming on the displays, as this is just for work which consists primarily of programming so maybe a USB -> DVI adapter would be acceptable as well.

  • Connecting through Thunderbolt is possible, I remembered reading somewhere about a adapter that does that. It's not a simple adapter, it's active, and it's quite expensive. You can however go with a MiniDP - DVI adapter for one monitor, and let USB 3 handle the other one. TUAW featured one from Kensington recently, I believe you can still find that article. – Shane Hsu May 20 '13 at 14:20
  • Here it is, matrox.com/graphics/en/press/releases/2011/dualhead2go_dp/… I'm deeply sorry about the long link, I believe this should work. Please check with Matrox before purchasing, things like these might not work. – Shane Hsu May 20 '13 at 14:22

It is not officially possible to connect two external DVI monitors to a MacBook Air. Apple's support article states that you can only connect one non-Thunderbolt monitor per Thunderbolt port.

Additionally, you can look at hooking a second screen up via USB, using a product like those made by DisplayLink.


There recently was a similar discussion here at Ask Different: Two Monitors Setup On a MacBook Pro

The MacBook Pro described in that post has similar options/limitations as your MacBook Air when it comes to multi-monitor setups.

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