How transfer iTunes playlists from two computers to same iPhone? I have iTunes libraries on several different computers (Home, Work, Laptops etc. All use the same Apple iTunes account and password. I now find that I cannot create playlists in the different libraries and then copy it to my iPhone. I am fairly sure I used to be able to do this. When I try to set the iPhone to "Manually manage music and videos" on a second machine, I get a message saying "An iPhone can be synched with only one iTunes library at a time. ..."replaces the contents of the this iPhone with contents of the iTunes library". I am afraid to click "Erase and Synch" even thought I have "Manually manage..." checked. Suggestions? Comments?


Why not review the manually manage support article and refine your question with the specific steps you took to set things up.


In a nutshell - you connect the iPod to Computer A and drag in the playlists you want. Then you disconnect it and repeat on the second computer.

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