there is a file stuck in the trash

enter image description here

This is what it shows when i do 'Get Info'

enter image description here

When i 'Empty' the trash

enter image description here

The sound plays, the trash window disappears, but the Trash icon doesn't appear empty and the file is still there when i reopen the trash. enter image description here enter image description here

I've tried the terminal enter image description here

According to the terminal, there is no file in the Trash folder. What am i missing? How can i solve this?

EDIT So, i found out that the file is actually in another volume and as the Trash shows the 'trash' for all volumes, the file is being shown in the trash.

So, the file is in the Trash for my Bootcamp volume [/Volumes/BOOTCAMP/.Trashes/501]

I try deleting it from the terminal enter image description here

but its still there enter image description here

what do i do?

  • Did you try rebooting ? – Matthieu Riegler May 17 '13 at 13:44
  • yes, i did try to reboot. Doesn't fix the problem – Vinay W May 17 '13 at 18:38

The Trash contains files from different volumes. Try running…

rm -rfv /Volumes/BOOTCAMP/.Trashes/*

Depending on drive permissions, this may have to be run using sudo.

  • +1, i did have to use 'sudo', but the file is still there (even though the 'rm' command doesn't show any error message, or a success message either) – Vinay W May 17 '13 at 18:42
  • Isn't NTFS read-only on Mac (unless you have a third-party driver installed)? – SilverWolf Jan 15 '18 at 14:36

One simple idea first: hold down the option (alt) key as you choose Finder > Empty Trash (see Apple's HT1526).

If that doesn't work, I noticed that if you look closely in your Get Info screenshot, you can see that the file is actually in /Volumes/BOOTCAMP/.Trashes/501, not ~/.Trash.

I'd try rm -f /Volumes/BOOTCAMP/.Trashes/501/2.Broke.Girls.S02E19.HDTV.XvID-AFG

  • that's what i was missing. So, now i know where the file is. I can see it with ls. but when i try to delete it with 'rm -f', the terminal shows no error or success message, and the file is still there. What is wrong? – Vinay W May 17 '13 at 18:39
  • Can you post the results from ls -al in that directory, and also id (so we can see your user ID for comparison)? – Ashley May 17 '13 at 19:18

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