In older versions of iTunes (for Windows at least), there used to be a way to Deauthorize all computers associated with an account.

Now it appears the only option in 10 ( is to Deauthorize this computer... and removes only the one I'm on. Has the option to Deauthorize All disappeared or has it been moved somewhere else?

My reason behind needing this: One of the authorized computers had a hard drive failure and I just wanted to clean up the computers I have authorized.


From this Apple Support article you can do it from your account.

If you find you have reached 5 authorizations, you can reset your authorization count by clicking Deauthorize All in the Account Information screen.

The process works as follows

  • Click iTunes Store in the menu on the left side of iTunes.
  • If you're not signed in to the store, click the Account button, then enter your account name and password.
  • Click the Account button again (your ID appears on the button), enter your password, and then click View Account.
  • In the Account Information window, click Deauthorize All.

iTunes De-Authorize

Also note the following:

You may only use this feature once per year. The Deauthorize All button will not appear if you have fewer than 5 authorized computers, or if you have used this option within the last 12 months. If you need assistance on using this feature please contact iTunes Store support via email.

  • Thank you! Strange that they limit it to only show when you have reached 5 authorizations. I could see that being a problem if a computer were stolen, etc. – Doozer Blake Feb 25 '11 at 18:04
  • @DoozerBlake it's a nice feature in my opinion. Why show everyone a control when there is no problem. Only when you are blocked, do you even need to be offered the switch to remedy the situation. This prevents premature clearing. – bmike Dec 26 '13 at 16:12

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