I just bought the wrong album on iTunes. How do I give it back?



Contact customer support via e-mail and hopefully you can get a refund.

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    I have done this before and they are usually pretty helpful, as long as you do it straight away.
    – LC1983
    Feb 25 '11 at 14:13

You can dispute the purchase within iTunes.

  • Go to iTunes Store, view your Account (login if needed).
  • Find and click on Purchase History.
  • Click on the arrow next to the purchase to see the details
  • Click on the report a Problem Button
  • Click on the Report a Problem link next to the Playlist/Album in question.
  • Select the Problem from the dropdown ( I inadvertently purchased this playlist)
  • Fill in any comments.
  • Hit Submit

This will send the request off to Apple Customer Support and they should credit you back. I have not done this myself, but a co-worker has and said it worked fine. They will likely flag your account though if this becomes a common thing.


In the United States, call 800-692-7753 (1-800-myapple) and when asked what you need, say "agent". Repeat "agent" until you get a human. You can then start the refund process.

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