I would like to organize my photos with iPad (remove, edit, create albums etc).

I have the synology NAS and I can run the Photo app on the NAS (server) and I can use the DS Photo+ app on iPad (client) but this app can be used only as a viewer (I can't organize photos).

I also have the Aperture on the Mac and I can use the iTunes to sync the photos to the iPad but it is the same problem as with the NAS. I can't delete the photos or organize them in any way - it is only a viewer.

I have around 100k photos and I have to keep them externally. Thus, I have to use the iPad only as a remote viewer (client). I don't want to use any web related service for that like flickr, picasa etc. It is not a problem for me to download photos from the camera to the iPad and then organize them and finally move them to the NAS.

Any ideas how can I do that?


Have you looked at Cinq Photo? Not sure it has everything you are looking for but thought it might be a good start

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Pixelsync offers rating and flagging of your Aperture library on the iPad:


It has some bugs but it looks such a promising app though.

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  • It hangs when the photo library is stored on remote nas. – name Jun 9 '11 at 8:11
  • You may contact the developer directly then.. – nuc Jun 9 '11 at 9:20

I think you can not do this.. the only possibility to use some remote client like flickr or even dropbox.

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