On our 10.7 Lion installation, 3 out of 9 drives are repeatedly suffering from

Incorrect block count for file

errors when running a diskutil repairVolume command.

  • The drives are having capacities of 3TB and 4TB.
  • The drives are attached via a SATA bus.
  • There is no relation between drive capacity and these errors occurring.
  • A 4TB drive is listing roughly 5000 file and 1500 folder entries.
  • Of these 5000 files, 3000 files are more than 64K in size.
  • 4 Out of 5 of the 3TB drives are not experiencing these "Incorrect block count for file" issues.
  • The drives are encapsulated in silicon jackets to reduce vibrations.
  • The faulty drives also have IO issues in application software, resulting in write() errors.
  • Each 3TB drive with 512 byte sectors is partitioned and formatted with commands similar (replace disk number and Volume name) to these:

diskutil unmountDisk /dev/disk2
sudo gpt destroy /dev/disk2
sudo gpt -p 1 create -f /dev/disk2
sudo gpt label -i 1 -l E disk2
sudo gpt add -t hfs /dev/disk2
sudo newfs_hfs -b 65536 -c a=1,c=8,e=1 -n e=1024,c=4096,a=4096 -v E /dev/disk2s1
diskutil mountDisk /dev/disk2
cd /Volumes/E
sudo rm -fr .{,_.}{fseventsd,Spotlight-V100,Trashes}
mkdir .fseventsd
touch .fseventsd/no_log .Trashes
sudo touch .metadata_never_index .com.apple.timemachine.donotpresent
sudo mdutil -dE -i off /Volumes/E
sudo tmutil addexclusion /Volumes/E

Update #1

  • When ( 33% of the data {1.3TB of free space} is moved to a different drive OR 5 drives were unmounted by the system and manually re-mounted), 1 of the drives does no longer have issues, and the other faulty drive does still have write() issues.


What can be done to prevent these "Incorrect block count for file" errors from happening in the first place?

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