Is there a way to detect the insertion of an SD card so it would be possible to automatically move specific files (photos in subdirectory) to another location? I do not want a photo application to take control. Even better, when I put the card in, I get asked whether to move the files. I would like the files to be moved directly to a shared folder..


From this question on SuperUser, try MarcoPolo

Or, you could use folder actions.

From this tutorial:

  • Go to File > Save As Plug-in.
  • Choose Folder Action from the pop-up menu.
  • In the Attach to Folder pop-up, select Other…
  • In the resultant open dialog, hit cmnd-shift-g. This will bring up a small sheet labeled Go to the folder:.
  • In this sheet, type /Volumes/, and hit the Go button, then hit Open.
  • Hit the Save button in the Plug-in sheet.
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  • "With this trick, any mounted device will trigger the attached workflow." I only want my SD card to trigger the workflow, or the presence of its directory structure.. can that be done? – None Feb 24 '11 at 15:55

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