Since iTunes has no way to sync with my Motorola Droid, and all of my music is on my Macbook Pro, I recently tried out DoubleTwist. It detected my Droid right away.

The problem is that when I chose to sync all of my music, DoubleTwist also synced all of my podcasts, which quickly filled up my sd card with stuff I don't want on there. Is there a way to have it only sync my iTunes music library and ignore podcasts?

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Judging by the screenshots, doubleTwist allows syncing specific playlists and has smart playlists.

Create a smart playlist that would contain all your library but not podcasts (excluding genre Podcast), and sync it.

  • I'm not able to find an option for creating a 'smart' playlist. I'm assuming this would be what I would need as it would automatically include newly added music, but the file menu only allows creation of 'dumb' playlists. Commented Aug 17, 2010 at 20:33
  • well they added smart playlists, but this app is such a steaming pile of crap that it's not worth going through the trouble. Not sure why they had to make a whole app for what I can already do directly on my phone (download apps, purchase amazon mp3's), or in finder (copy music to my sd card). Commented Sep 22, 2010 at 7:20

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