I received an ipad mini 2 months ago as a giveaway at a computer company luncheon. It is my 4th ipad & 1st mini. Two nights ago, I noticed the back right side (left side if looking at the back) was hot and the device was not responsive. Charging or resetting using the dual-button process made no difference in status. I was wondering if anyone knows if a device "won" new at a computer show or luncheon is still covered by warranty?


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Your mini should be covered under warranty since they haven't been out for a full year yet, however you can double check using Apple's public facing service site - SelfSolve.Apple.com

Apple's warranty follows the device by it's serial number, not the owner, so winning it through a raffle shouldn't have any effect other than it may have been purchased weeks/months before it reached your hands.


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